If Couples Often do These Things in Bed Relationship will Get Better

If you want to ask the warmest place in a home, many people will subconsciously answer the bedroom.

When sharing a bed with each other, talk softly, talk about your gains, and talk about the trivial experiences of the day, which can make your lover’s heart full of warmth.

Many people have been married for a long time and feel that the passion is not there, so they split the bed and sleep in the separate room. Over time, I found that the two people became more and more strange and strange.

wanted to find the original feeling, but didn’t know where to start.

There is no standard for a good marriage, but couples often do these three things in bed, and your relationship will definitely get better and better.

Talk about the daytime experience before going to bed

Some people always say that they are too tired, go to bed and ignore their partner, and play mobile chat with their backs to you; some people are silent, if you want to talk to him, he always thinks you are too busy.

In fact, the reason why two people can get together depends not only on appearance, family and financial strength, but also on the three perspectives and attitude to life.

In the dead of night, let go of the day’s work and relax the tired heart. At this time, people’s hearts are most vulnerable and sensitive.

Women are born with a desire to be loved and to be paid attention to. When a man is silent when you need it most, I think you will not have to be for the rest of his life.

There is a saying that is well said, no man is born to be ignorant of sex, just not loving enough.

Couples who have a good marriage, not everyone loves vigorously, loves to the death, but in ordinary days, people who are willing to open their hearts and share themselves with their lovers.

Talking about the interesting things that each other experienced during the day, women can feel that they are being watched and loved, their mentality will be positive and optimistic, and full of expectations for the future.

give each other a hug before going to bed

The current pace of life is so fast that people are dizzying. We are afraid of being laid off by the company, worried that our mortgage and car loans will not be repaid, and constantly refresh our body’s tolerance limits.

Busy work, endless housework, and endless interpersonal relationships can easily make us physically and mentally numb, and it is difficult to feel each other’s love.

Many couples, especially old couples and old wives, can talk about household chores, let alone express their feelings for each other. Gradually found that the two people no longer pay attention to each other, and their lives are as lifeless as a monk striking a bell.

At this time, our closest lover is the easiest to detect the exhaustion of the other person.

There is a saying: I feel shallow in my mouth, and I can’t embrace it to warm people’s hearts.

Before going to bed, give your lover a hug and gently embrace her into your arms. Both can feel mentally relaxed and happy.


Hug before going to bed, I give my lover the feeling: I have you in my heart, I want to protect you, and always pay attention to you. A hug is sometimes better than a hundred sweet words.

Talk about future plans before going to bed

What is the most secure thing for women?

Plan for her a happy future, and work hard for it together.

Every day before going to bed, talk about the future plans of the two people. Whether it is a work plan, a house investment idea, or a travel plan for the coming year, it can give a woman a sense of down-to-earth stability in her heart and hope for her future life.

Love is the result of hormonal fermentation in the mind, but marriage requires two people to love each other in trivial days and take pictures of each other.

When a reporter interviewed Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, he asked: “Is the greatest achievement of your life founded Microsoft or charity?” Bill Gates replied: “Neither, but found the right person to get married.”

If you feel that the relationship between each other is getting weaker and weaker, you might as well chat in bed every day before going to bed and give each other a hug; after a long time, you will find that the best appearance of love is in the trivial life, those who inadvertently touch you Moments of happiness.

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