“Vegan Men are Better in Bed”

An experiment tested and found that it was enough to replace one meat dish a day for a vegan dish to improve your bed skills. Experts argue that more research should be done to substantiate the claim.

Netflix’s vegetarian / vegan documentary, The Game Changers, goes against the popular assumption that “real men eat meat.” The movie features, among other things, an experiment conducted by American urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz who found that vegan men are probably better in bed than their meat-eating buddies.

The experiment measured the male strength of three athletes after different meals. One evening, the men were given a burrito to fill with herb, organic chicken or organic pork, and the next evening they received a burrito based on a plant containing soy protein and peas. The experiment did not test the level of performance of the men in bed, but their activity while sleeping. After a meatless meal, men’s sexual arousal during their sleep lasted 3 or 4 times longer throughout the night. Dr. Spitz explained: “While this is not a scientific validation study, the results we see are very exciting. I think it’s going to wake up a lot of people from their coma. ”

There is no scientific evidence to prove that vegetarian food will definitely affect men’s sexual desire, but vegetarian food is really calm, clear-headed and healthy.

The claims now circulating online all come from the same source: “Old men and men who eat vegetarian food have been warned by the medical community that low-protein diets can affect their sexuality in the future. According to foreign news reports, researchers said that no People who eat enough protein are at risk of lowering testosterone, which can lead to reduced sexual function … “However, we should note that this message says” low protein diet “and” do not eat enough Protein Man “. Vegetarians are not the same as “low protein” or “people who don’t eat enough protein.” Whether it is vegetarian or meat, the lack of protein is bad for the body.

Many meat eaters, even some vegetarians, do not know much about vegetarian food, and believe that vegetarian food is to take the meat from the original diet and eat the rest of the vegetables. If this is a vegetarian diet, of course, it will affect your health. Vegetarian food is not just eating vegetables, but replacing meat food with various foods with the same nutritional content in vegetarian foods, and ensuring the various nutritional components and intakes required by humans, such as replacing protein and vegetable oil with high-protein beans Instead of animal oil, B12 is obtained from laver and mushroom. Please refer to “How to be a Healthy Vegetarian”, “Vegetarian Alternatives to Eggs and Fish and Nutrition Matching”, “How to Replace Animal Food with Vegetarians to Get the Same Nutrition?” And “How to Get Sufficient Protein for Vegetarians” .

A book currently being popular: “Go Fat!” , One of its authors, Jim Barnoy, was a former model with a master’s degree in holistic nutrition. “Myths and lies about protein” in the book talks about how much protein the body really needs. The excerpt is as follows: “How much protein does the human body really need? Well, it depends on who asks this question. In any case, the daily intake of people should be between 18 and 60 grams. One thing is certain: vegetarians need not worry Problems with protein intake. Harvard researchers have found that vegetarians (people who do n’t eat junk food) are able to get the right amount of protein in their daily diet. The American Dietetic Association reports that a vegetarian diet can provide the body Twice as much protein as needed daily. Dr. Patrick Holford explains in his book Optimal Health: “Most people’s bodies are at risk of protein absorption rather than intake. Too little “. Therefore, carefully selected foods may not be good for the human body”. Although this book is mainly aimed at the current social situation in the United States, we can still conclude that in the current era of very rich vegetarianism, as long as science is vegetarian, pay attention to nutritional matching, and understand how to use vegetarian food instead of animal ingredients to ensure nutrition and Healthy, no problems of insufficient nutrition or lack of protein.

A few days ago, in order to promote the benefits of animal protection, environmental protection and vegetarian food, the American animal protection organization PETA also invited stars to make a passionate vegetarian advertisement, which caused widespread controversy. In the advertisement, not only reminded people that they should Save the Planet, “Be Green, Go Vegan” (Environment-friendly, Vegetarian), but also mentioned: “According to research, vegetarians have “Vegetarians have better sex.” Therefore, there has been another wave of discussion about vegetarians really having better sex. PETA responded to the NBC interview by saying that “meat makes people obese , Sick and boring in bed. Generally, vegetarians are slimmer than meat eaters. The daily intake of meat and milk is related to impotence, heart disease, and obesity. “There are two opinions on PETA. Agreeing opinion:” It turns out that whether it is male or female, sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular Disease, and obesity can affect sexual desire. Vegetarians, because they pay more attention to comprehensive nutrition and health, are not partial to eclipse, so they are generally not overweight, have low cholesterol and have a clear head. This may also be related to vegetarians’ high intake of fiber and excessive protein. ” The point is: “Vegetarian food may have a negative effect on sexual desire”. This is what is now circulating on the Internet “man eating vegetarian food affects sexual desire”. Unfortunately, these contents are not comprehensive, and one-sided vegetarian (if lacking protein) Possibly the negative side, not including the possible negative effects of meat on sex. Because many people have no vegetarian experience and do n’t know about vegetarians, they mistakenly veggies and “low-protein diets” and “not eating enough protein” “People are equal. It is a shame in this age of vegetarianism in the world.

In short, there is no scientific proof of the necessary relationship between vegetarianism and sexuality. Sexual desire is not equal to sexual quality, and vegetarian food is not equal to lack of protein. More facts prove that meat eating easily leads to unhealthy human body and affects sexual desire and sexual quality. Human sexuality and sexual quality are related to many factors. Individuals are very different. It is not simply related to one-sided diet. Let’s experience it yourself. As a human being, the most important thing is to maintain physical and mental health in order to enjoy sexual well-being. Sex is a gift from God to our lives. It is a way of giving and expressing love. I hope people do n’t abuse God ’s gift, devote more energy and time to their ideals and careers, and use things that are beneficial to society and the world.