iMac And MacBook Pro Models will be Launched in 2021

Apple released the M1 chip at the end of 2020, allowing Mac to regain attention, this is just the first step. In 2021, Apple has more new products waiting…

New Mac series products: M1 chip blossoms and loose leaves

There are rumors that the new iMac and MacBook Pro models will be launched in 2021, of course, will be equipped with more powerful Apple self-developed chips, including high-end and entry-level models. There are rumors that the redesigned iMac has the design language of the iPad Pro, that is, an improved screen-to-body ratio, thinner bezels, and a 23- or 24-inch screen size.
This Mac may be a replacement for the current 21.5-inch model. If Apple can reduce the frame size, the physical size of the Mac’s screen may be the same as the current version.

Apple is studying a chip with 16 high-power cores and 4 high-performance cores, which is the legendary next-generation M-series chips, but high-end desktop models may have up to 32 high-performance cores, and may even replace iMac Pro . Apple is also working on some important GPU performance improvements.

The new iMac is expected to be released in the spring to autumn of 2021, so we are likely to see the long-rumored 23 to 24 inch models early this year, and more high-end models will be launched later this year.

14.1 and 16.1 inch MacBook Pro: a new lookApple is developing a redesigned MacBook Pro model, which may have 14.1 and 16.1 inch screen sizes to replace the existing 13.1 and 16 inch MacBook Pro models.

Both 14- and 16-inch MacBooks should be updated. 14- and 16-inch MacBooks should be updated.
There are rumors that the new MacBook Pro will also be equipped with a mini-LED display, which may bring some major improvements in display quality.

IPad Pro: The screen uses new materials

There have been rumors that Apple is developing a new version of the 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌. The new generation of tablet computers is expected to use a mini-LED display, and there may be an 11-inch model with the same display.

It is said that the mini-LED display is the next supply chain system for Apple. The mini-LED technology will make the product design thinner and lighter, while also providing better wide color gamut display, high contrast and HDR, and Local dimming, which can darken the backlight behind the black area of ​​the screen, while keeping the bright part lit, so that the color performance is better.

The direction of iPad’s efforts is the screen of new material The direction of iPad’s effort is the screen of new material
There are still rumors about the OLED iPad Pro in 2021, but it seems unlikely that Apple will launch two new display technologies in the same year, and analysts believe that the OLED iPad will not be available until 2022 at the earliest.

Along with the mini-LED display, the iPad product line will also add 5G connectivity, and is expected to use a more powerful A14X chip, similar to the chip used in ‌M1‌ Macs.

The release of the mini-LED screen iPad Pro is said to begin in the fourth quarter of 2020, so the product is likely to be put into production early this year.

AirPods: The third generation may appear

Apple is developing the third generation of AirPods, which is no longer a secret. It is said that its shape is similar to AirPods Pro, with a short headphone handle and replaceable silicone earplugs. The name is AirPods Pro Lite. Of course, this name is contradictory and should not be true.

The AirPods3 generation may arrive in the spring, the AirPods3 generation may arrive in the spring

Although the new AirPods are expected to look like AirPods Pro, they will remove features such as active noise reduction, and the price will be more affordable. It is said that Apple is developing a new wireless chip that can be included in AirPods 3, and battery life may be improved.

At present, the exposure about this headset is only the name and general appearance, and there is not much information on the function. We expect it to be launched in the first half of 2021 (probably in the first quarter).

IPhone 13: There will still be four models

In 2021, we expect to have four sizes of ‌iPhone 13‌ with a layout similar to that of 12, including two 6.1-inch models, one 6.7-inch model, and one 5.4-inch model. Two of these iPhones will be high-end “Pro” models, and the other two will be more affordable models.

It is expected that at least one iPhone that will be released on the market may have a portless design that does not include a Lightning port. Apple has been working hard to develop an interfaceless iPhone, which will be limited to Qi-based wireless chargers or MagSafe chargers for charging.

If there is no accident, the iPhone will still be a combination of multiple punches. If there is no accident, the iPhone will still be a combination of multiple punches.

The new iPhone may have a 120Hz “ProMotion” dynamic display to achieve smoother performance, as well as new camera technology, a faster A15 chip and Qualcomm’s upgraded 5G baseband chip.

There are several rumors that Apple is developing an iPhone with Face ID + display fingerprint unlocking, but the source of such rumors may only be products still in the development stage, so the plan may be changed.

iPhone SE Plus: The chance of appearing is small

Apple launched a new version of the iPhone SE in 2020 that is consistent with the appearance of the iPhone ‌ 8. By 2021, we may get a new Plus Plus. Well-known analyst Mig Chi Kuo said that Apple is developing a “‌iPhone SE‌ Plus” that has a full-screen design, no Face ID, and a built-in Touch ID fingerprint unlock in the side power button.

Will there be a bigger version of iPhone SE next year? Will there be a bigger version of iPhone SE next year?
Look at it this way, he may be the mobile version of the iPad Air, but will Apple use a new mold for a low-priced product? We are skeptical that Barclays analysts don’t think Apple plans to update the ‌iPhone SE‌ in the foreseeable future, while display analyst Ross Young said that there will be no new version of the ‌iPhone SE‌ until 2022.

Apple Watch Series 7: Still a health product direction

Apple will launch new Apple Watch models every year. By 2021, we will see Apple Watch Series 7.

The direction of the watch will still be sports health The direction of the watch will still be sports health
In this product, new health functions should be added. Apple has been studying a non-invasive way to measure blood glucose data, but there is no perfect solution in the industry, and it seems a bit early to put it on the watch AirTag: It should appear this year, right?

AirTags is a product that has been rumored for a long time. When a certain version of iOS 13 was updated last year, someone found the AirTag icon in it. After that, this monitoring tracker was widely discussed. Many analysts believe that it is a coin-sized pendant that can be hung on a key chain or school bag to remind users of the location of important items.

There are many similar products before, but most of them are connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. Once the effective range of Bluetooth is exceeded, the user will be notified on the mobile phone. Apple’s product is said to have its own U1 ultra-wideband chip built-in, which has directivity. And it will be combined with the “Find” tool that comes with the iOS system. Because the iPhone 11 series and AR technology support ultra-wideband, AirTags can theoretically provide high precision, directly guide users to find an item, and even accurately locate it in the room.

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