“In 2030 Apple will Launch AR-Based Contact Lenses”

Rumors of new virtual and augmented reality products in Apple continue to make waves: Analyst Ming-Chi Ko reports that the first mixed-reality (MR) glasses developed by the technology giant are expected to hit the market as early as next year, but it is worth noting that no Official confirmation of this report on behalf of Apple itself.

In addition, Kav in his new report states that in 2025 the company will launch augmented reality (AR) glasses, and that between 2040-2030, Apple-based AR contact lenses will also be launched, which will allow users to enjoy an extra layer of data right on top of the eye itself without the need for additional hardware. Meanwhile, the report focuses mainly on the more accessible product – the one that analysts say is already gaining traction ahead of the announcement.

Apple‘s expected mixed reality glasses are supposed to weigh only 100-200 grams, and allow usability with integrated applications from the realms of virtual reality and augmented reality. In addition, he said the glasses will be equipped with a Sony micro-OLED display. According to the forecast, Apple’s glasses will be able to run independently, regardless of the iPhone device, and will function as a mobile product on their own.

According to the report, the expected price of such a product will be about a thousand dollars, however Kav notes in his report that technical issues that constitute a significant obstacle have not yet been resolved by the company’s engineers. Earlier rumors have put the price range of Apple’s mixed reality glasses closer to $ 3,000, in areas of Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses – which are not a consumer product but an industrial product. Koo’s forecast puts Apple’s future glasses closer to the market, a sort of branded and more sophisticated version of the Oculus Quest from Facebook.