Covid Closes Businesses Led By Women

Covid closes businesses led by women, 4,000 fewer Confesercenti, pandemic interrupts constant growth since 2014

In Italay Covid puts a halt to the race that female entrepreneurship has been experiencing for six years: the 2020 budget certifies a 0.29% decline in companies led by women, or 4 thousand fewer businesses than in 2019. women have in fact paid the highest price of the pandemic, show some studies on the occasion of Women‘s Day.

This can also be seen on the employment front, where 70% of the jobs lost last year belonged to women. Female entrepreneurship, according to the elaborations of the Confesercenti Studies Office, interrupted in 2020 a race that had continued uninterrupted since 2014, with a growth rate higher than that of male entrepreneurship. The decline in businesses led by women is entirely attributable to the regions of the Center and the North (the Mezzogiorno marks + 0.26%). Young entrepreneurs were penalized more, with companies led by women under 35 (154 thousand) down to 11.52% of the total, from 12.02% in 2019. “Despite its resilient nature”, female entrepreneurship does not managed to escape the effects of the pandemic, also “because – explains the national manager of Impresa Donna Anna Maria Crispino – the difficulties posed by lockdowns and restrictions in the family dimension have mainly been discharged on women. Many entrepreneurs, in the absence of a network of welfare that allows them to reconcile family life and work, they have stopped “.

That is why she, she adds, “we need to do more, rethinking the tools of support and creating new ones”. From an employment point of view, 70% of all jobs lost in 2020 belonged to women, notes an analysis of the European Union of cooperatives, warning that the situation is likely to worsen when the block on layoffs envisaged by the government ends. If in the past, in fact, explains Uecoop, the greater presence in the service sector was a peculiarity that guaranteed women greater resilience and the ability to get out of crises earlier, now the Covid emergency has upset all schemes, with its own services, from tourism to catering, which are paying the heaviest price from an economic point of view. The role of women shows some progress in the banking world, even if still too slow. An analysis by the First CISL Studies Office on the country’s top eight banking groups shows how, in the last 22 years, the composition of employment in the sector has definitely rebalanced, with the female component passing between 1997 and 2019 from 38 % to 48%, bringing the gap with male colleagues to just 4 percentage points. But the differences are still evident if we look at the positions: women are concentrated in the professional areas (57.9%), but they remain decidedly detached if we consider middle managers (36.2%) and executives (only 15.7%) ).

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