In France the Automotive Market Nearly 10% Fall in October

The French car market, still affected by the pandemic, fell in October by 9.49% over one year, with 171,049 registrations of new passenger cars, the manufacturers announced on Sunday.

After a very good month of October in 2019, the Renault group posted a drop of 9.69% in 2020 with 42,634 vehicles, affected in particular by a sharp decline in Dacia (-23.30%), according to published figures by the Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA).

PSA resisted better, with -2.78% and 60,430 vehicles, Citroën’s sharp decline being offset by good scores from Peugeot and Opel.

French groups behaved better than foreign groups, which fell by 14.62% on average.

The Volkswagen group, the leading importer in France, notably fell by 8.23% after a very good fall 2019. BMW by 23.09% and Toyota by 31.78%.

From January to October, new passenger car registrations slumped nearly 27% to 1.337 million units, from 1.830 in the same period last year.

The market is slowly recovering from a spring shaken by the health crisis. With an auto trade paralyzed by containment, vehicle deliveries collapsed 72% in March, 88.8% in April, and then another 50.3% in May. They then recovered slightly in June and July, before falling back to 19.8% in August and 2.97% in September.

The light commercial vehicle market remained more stable in October, posting a drop of 4.06% with 40,075 registrations.

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