India Taiwan-Funded Science and Technology Park Attracts Investment

China media reported that, Taiwanese businessmen are heating up investment in India. Shizheng is developing a technology park in India this year. It is estimated that investment can begin in 2020, and it can accommodate at least 15 to 20 manufacturers. Work with local governments for tax incentives such as stamp duty and electricity tax.

Taiwanese businessmen are increasingly enthusiastic about investing in India. The Republic of China Industry and Commerce Association held a lecture today to focus on investment opportunities and challenges in India and invited experts to share the local investment environment and experience in India.

Qiu Yiche, deputy secretary-general of the Association for Industry and Commerce, pointed out that in the past 18 months, Taiwan’s investment in India has grown at a rapid rate of 80% and the number of investment has increased by 25%. It is the country with the largest growth rate in the new south to the recent years. Under the US-China trade conflict situation, the importance of India is even more prominent.

Zhang Kaihan, director of Shizheng Development India Branch, said that Shizheng Development plans to develop three industrial parks in India, one of which is the Bangalore International Technology Park (TIIP), which was launched in July this year. The planned area is 160 acres (about 64 hectares). ), in which the first phase of the land is 70 acres (about 28 hectares), land has been acquired. It is estimated that the infrastructure and land planning such as roads will be completed by 2020, and open investment will be opened.

Zhang Kaihan said that many Taiwanese businessmen in mainland China are considering the layout of Southeast Asia due to the impact of the US-China trade war, and more widely deployed companies have taken India into consideration. Many manufacturers have expressed high interest in manufacturers. The first phase of land planning is divided into 15 to 20 The district can accommodate at least 15 to 20 manufacturers. If the demand for land is small, the number of homes may increase. The manufacturer may choose to purchase land or build a factory or entrust a standard factory.

Zhang Kaihan pointed out that Bangalore is known as India’s Silicon Valley, and many local high-tech talents are suitable for IC design, electronics manufacturing data center, logistics center or headquarters.

Shizheng Development is now working with the local government to obtain preferential treatment for the park, including stamp duty and electricity tax reduction. Zhang Kaihan said that after the manufacturer has decided to enter the market, it can also fight with the local government according to the conditions of industry, investment scale and employment opportunities. Offer.

The Taiwan-India Bilateral Investment Agreement (BIA) has released good news recently. The Minister of Economy, Shen Rongjin, said that it is expected to be officially signed before the end of the year. Zhang Kaihan said that the culture, language, society and ethnicity of India are very different and the risks are relatively large. Businesses are not willing to invest rashly. If the BIA New Testament is signed, it is expected to provide more protection for Taiwanese businessmen and will also increase the willingness of Taiwanese businessmen to invest.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder