” Iran is Ready to Extend the Contract to Export Gas to Iraq”

Today, Wednesday, the Iranian Assistant Minister of Oil for Gas Affairs said that his country is ready to extend the contract to export gas to Iraq.

Iranian Assistant Minister Majid Chenki met with senior officials of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity in Tehran, calling on the Iraqi side to abide by the current contracts and previous agreements.

The Iranian official reiterated the Iranian Oil Ministry’s readiness to receive new proposals from the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity in order to extend the gas export contract to Iraq, according to Al-Furat website.

Iraq relies on Iranian gas and electricity, but its imports have recently been erratic due to pending payments.

The state gas company in Iran said late last year that it had reduced supplies to Iraq due to arrears of more than six billion dollars, which made Baghdad and other cities vulnerable to power outages.

And the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity stated, last month, that Iranian gas supplies to the central region decreased from three million to two million cubic meters per day, and supplies to the southern region decreased from 17 million to five million cubic meters per day.