Is there A Starbucks in Venezuela

In the neighboring country there is a place that has the logo of the multinational, but the situation is a bit complex.

A woman drinks coffee from a glass with the Starbucks logo printed on it and her name on it: ‘Jenny’.

After days of uproar, Starbucks and one of its great partners, the Swiss multinational Nestle, denied any relationship with the place.

“We can confirm that we do not have the We proudly serve Starbucks coffee program in Venezuela” Starbucks reacted to the storm unleashed by a cafeteria in a newly opened supermarket in Carac as, which featured the famous smiling siren from the logo of this chain based on in Seattle (USA) and the iconic phrase ‘We proudly serve’.

“Social networks exploded,” Jenny Toro told the media after ordering coffees for her, her daughter and her mother.

There was a storm on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Some, like this 46-year-old real estate consultant, celebrated the opening of this cafeteria in the YEET! Supermarket in the middle of the Venezuelan economic crisis, linked to the e-commerce website

“Given the recent mentions of Nestle Venezuela‘s alleged relationship with the opening of a beverage store that uses the Starbucks coffee brand, the company informs the general public that Nestle Venezuela has not been contacted or involved in marketing of these products, “said the subsidiary of the food company in that country.

“We are not a Starbucks store,” Jorge Nieves, the head of YEET! Said in an interview with ‘AFP’, who said he felt “astonishment” at what he considers a misunderstanding.

“When we decided to open a café within our establishment, the least we thought is that it was going to become a success. (…). We are a ‘market place’ and we aim our guns there. Everything is pointed towards yeet. com, “he added.

A sign with the Starbucks logo is seen on the side of the supermarket’s facade.

The same logo and the slogan ‘We proudly serve’ can be found on the side of the cafe, located on the second floor of the supermarket, where there is also a bar and a restaurant will soon open.

They are also in the glass doors of a terrace where customers sit. The Starbucks name is omitted.

Controversies with international firms have accumulated in Venezuela, a country with a depressed economy that has lost four-fifths of its size since 2014.

The government of President Nicolas Maduro expropriated the plant of the US food giant Kellogg’s in 2018, after the firm ceased operations due to “the deterioration of the economic situation”, a decision similar to that taken by other transnationals such as General Motors or Kimberly- Clark. Today they continue to sell, without endorsement, their cereal brands.

The outlook was further complicated by Washington’s sanctions on Venezuela, with companies fearful of penalties for doing business in the country.

Even state broadcaster Tves has shown movies like Pixar’s “Soul,” which premiered exclusively on Disney + in late 2020.

“What we did was acquire the equipment (to prepare the coffee) and the product, and from whom we bought the products, they gave us a ‘guideline’ (guide) of what we could do and what we could not do and that ‘guideline’ we are complying with completeness, “says Nieves in reference to the use of the Starbucks logo.

“I came because I wanted to try something new,” said 20-year-old college student Emanuel Grangeio, who, accompanied by a friend, was sipping chocolate in a glass with the Starbucks logo on the YEET! Terrace.


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In the neighboring country there is a place that has the logo of the multinational, but the situation is a bit complex. 

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