Israel has Issued A “Code of Conduct” for Visiting The United Arab Emirates

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism has issued a “Code of Conduct” which is a small booklet explaining to an Israeli tourist how to behave when visiting the United Arab Emirates.
Israeli officials are  trying to improve their image.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his fear of the consequences of the dealings between the Emiratis and Israeli tourists, and all that might result from the cultural differences between the two peoples. He also wished to improve the image of the Israeli tourist.

“Haaretz” newspaper published an article by the Israeli singer, Yasmine Levy, with the title: “Beware, Dubai … the Israelis are coming.” The article came shortly after the signing of the normalization agreement with the Emirates, in which the singer warned the Emiratis of the consequences of what they would be exposed to after the arrival of the planes coming from Ben Gurion Airport.

Returning to future tourism between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, the “Israir” company signed an agreement with an Emirati company to encourage tourism and organize marketing campaigns.

The Israeli company expects that more than a million Israelis will go to the UAE for tourism within two years, as the list of many temptations and reasonable hotel prices is in addition to the tourist packages offered by travel companies.

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