Israel’s Judicial Adviser Prevents Netanyahu from Launching a Massive Military Operation in Syria

The Israeli government’s attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, did not like the idea put forward by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for an early military operation by Israel that might include Syria and Lebanon.

Mandelblit expressed this opinion in a written answer to the government secretary, who asked to inquire about the international and domestic judicial situation in the event that Israel implemented a major military operation that could develop into war.

And the “Independent Arabia” quoted a high-ranking source, that Netanyahu, after consulting with the foreign and defense ministers, and before putting the matter before the security cabinet, he was planning to launch a very large military operation in the north, which might move from Syria to Lebanon in the event of the intervention of “Hezbollah”.

The operation aims to hit Iran’s military installations and sites in Syria, after the United States launched a military strike against the Iraqi pro-Iranian “Hezbollah” and gave Israel the green light for any operation it deems appropriate to strike Tehran’s interests in the region.

In his letter, the Judicial Adviser said, according to the source, that a broad military operation under the current circumstances and with a transitional government is not preferable, and that it is better to have a stable government that takes the decision correctly and gradually, as required by law, although a transitional government in Israel is a government in every word Meaning, and it can make the decision to war, peace or any other decision.

It is noteworthy that the Menachem Begin transitional government in 1981 carried out the July operation to strike the Iraqi nuclear reactor at the time, while the Shimon Peres transitional government launched in 1996 the “Grapes of Wrath” operation in Lebanon against “Hezbollah”.

The impression prevails, according to the source, that Netanyahu is trying to launch the military operation, taking advantage of the current conditions in Syria and international developments and also to confirm that he is implementing what he says, and all this comes in parallel to the propaganda campaign that Netanyahu is running in preparation for the general elections scheduled for the second of next March.