Istanbul’s Yıldız Palace Allocated For Turkish President Erdoğan


Hülya Karahan

President Tayyip Erdoğan preperin for using Yıldız palace like use of Dolmabahçe place in his term as Prime Minister.

After Yıldız sarayı allocated for  President Erdoğan, the rest of the palace will be renovated for Presidency. Nex year the palece, can be used for domestic and overseas official talks. Erdoğan has been Using Mabeyn and Huber Mansion in Istanbul for official acceptance. Erdoğan made an official talk with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Yıldız Palace last mouth.

Yıldız Palace was build for Sultan 3. Selim’s mother Mihrişah Sultan where used as main palace of the Ottoman Sultan 2. Abdülhamit period. In 1909 after the abdication of the Sultan Abdülhamid in March 31 Incident the palace was looted. In the palace campus also yıldız Mosque still remains.