Japanese Technology “Earth Shot” to be Announced Next Month as a Candidate for Prince William Environmental Award

The final candidate list of the “Earth Shot Award“, which was created by Prince William of the United Kingdom to commend innovative efforts to solve environmental problems, was announced on the 17th, and the mobile water circulation system “WOTA BOX” developed by a Japanese company was announced. Was elected. The award will be announced on October 17th in London.

The Earth Shot Award was established by the prince in October last year. The name is named after “Moonshot,” which means an original and epic challenge. 750 candidates were submitted from each country, and after 10 months of selection procedures, 15 organizations and projects from 14 countries remained on the list.

WOTA BOX” was developed by “WOTA” in Tokyo. It is a small water infrastructure that recycles and circulates more than 98% of wastewater, and water can be used even in places where there is no water supply. According to the company, it has automated water treatment with its proprietary water quality sensor and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Among the five categories of the award, he was nominated in the field of “building a lean world”.