Jordan Roth The New Haute Couture Client

Who is Jordan Roth, the most loyal customer of haute couture?

Six-time Tony Award winner, New York theater producer Jordan Roth has established himself over the years as a visionary, both on Broadway and in the fashion world. Passionate about haute couture, he sat in all the front rows of the last shows of Paris Fashion Week. Fashion, he sees it as a way of asserting himself: it is a daily opportunity to give his body the possibility of moving in a unique way in different clothes, these same clothes which, for him, “do not cover us, but discover us”. It is therefore not uncommon to come across Jordan Roth dressed in sublime couture dresses. Some even see him as a new fashion icon for the LGBTQ+ community, to which he is very close (he supports several organizations working for the equality of queer people). During Fashion Week, his jumpsuit associated with a long shimmering cape that he wore at the Alexandre Vauthier show, and the incredible mermaid dress signed Alaïa that he twirled around for a snapshot on Instagram did not go unnoticed . But for him, wearing clothes originally reserved for women is not a militant act, only the extension of himself. Jordan Roth spoke to Vogue France during his crazy week at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, about his style, his relationship to theatricality and the shows that particularly marked him.


Jordan Roth. “To me, haute couture is the prettiest form of art. An artistic expression as pure as that of a painter on a canvas or a sculptor on a stone. The artist/designer strives to create a collection that is the expression of ideas, of the world, of himself, of what he sees or wishes to see. And this collection comes to life thanks to the unique talent of the craftsmen in the workshops whose manual work is the foundation of Sewing As with any great art form, sewing is a singular artistic vision that manifests itself through the utmost talent and skill.

Do you remember the first fashion show you attended?

I think my first couture show was at Givenchy by Clare Weight Keller, who then designed my first look for the Met Gala, as well as several outfits for the Tony Awards. She has become a very dear friend.

Precisely, how would you describe your style and its evolution?

It is an expression of who I am, both exterior to you and interior to myself. It’s a daily opportunity to live fully within myself and give my body the ability to move in unique ways in different clothes. Clothes don’t cover us, they reveal us.

What are the shows and pieces that you particularly liked this season?

I loved Margiela and Viktor & Rolf, both for the clothes (I’ll think long and hard about Margiela’s green and blood red doctor’s coats) and the fascinating way they presented them. I also really enjoyed the Schiaparelli fashion show as well as the exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts, which gave such an amazing context to the work and intelligence of Elsa Schiaparelli and Daniel Roseberry. And of course, Yuima Nakazato, because I had the unique opportunity to experience this magnificent and mystical collection from the inside, walking down the catwalk.

What are the most valuable pieces you have in your collection?

I cherish them all, because they all bring unique experiences, whether it’s the process of creation or what they offer me when I wear them”.

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Who is Jordan Roth, the most loyal customer of haute couture?

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