European Stock Markets Started New Year in Positive

The European stock markets started the new stock market year in positive territory. While the DAX just missed its all-time high in the first few minutes of trading, the MDAX and SDAX were already at record highs. The DAX is trading 0.7 percent higher at 13,809 points in early trading, while the Euro-Stoxx-50 gains 1.0 point to 3,587 points.

Korean Stocks Performed Sharply Rising…

U.S. stock futures showed a decline in electronic trading, while Asian stocks were mixed. Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korean stocks showed gains. In particular, Korean stocks performed the most sharply, rising by more than 2% during the session, continuing to hit new highs, while Japanese stocks showed off-market Fix.

, TSMC’s share price reached 540 yuan and continued to hit a new high. The catch is that the adjustment pressure came out in the late trading. The final price rose by 6 yuan or 1.1% to close at 536 yuan; in addition, today Popularity King Hon Hai (2317) was unstoppable at the opening today. It drove higher and moved higher and once stood above the 100 yuan mark. It closed in late trading, rising 7.9 yuan or 8.5%, and closing at 99.9 yuan, setting a new wave high; 3008) Jin also vomited last year’s grievances. The stock price rebounded deeply, rising 155 yuan or 4.8% to close at 3,350 yuan, regaining the monthly threshold.

After the opening of MediaTek (2454) share price, it went all the way to challenge the 800 yuan barrier; others such as: Creative (3443), Worldchip-KY (3661), Nandian (8046), Tongzhi (3552), Tianyu (4961), etc. The stock’s rally was also quite sharp, attacking the rising limit. In addition, shipping stocks are still the focus of the disk. Evergreen (2603) and Yangming (2609) also continued to influx in buying orders. Their stock prices attacked the rising limit, and Wan Hai (2615) also closed up 7.9%.


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