Kylian Mbappe is Taking exams to More About Ankle Injury

Kylian Mbappe is taking exams this Saturday to find out more about his ankle injury. His club fears a long unavailability.
PSG conquered their 13th Coupe de France on Friday by beating AS Saint-Etienne (1-0). But, this success has not been achieved without cost. The capital’s team saw star striker Kylian Mbappe come out injured in the 33rd minute. Hit by a violent tackle from Loïc Perrin, the French international was unable to continue the match. He then made his way to the locker room, only to come out late in the game, but with crutches and a right ankle strapped in and locked in a splint. Images that are anything but reassuring.

Nothing filtered through the evening regarding the exact nature of the former Monegasque’s injury. The one and only indication is the person himself who gave it in an informal exchange with Emmanuel Macron. To the President of the Republic, (re) descended on the ground to take in particular his news, Mbappé confided: “It cracked a little anyway”. The Head of State then revived him with a: “It’s broken you think? “. The Parisian player then replied: “No, I don’t think so”.

Tuchel said he was “worried”
The vagueness therefore remains total concerning the seriousness of the blow taken by the Parisian number 7. However, there were few encouraging signs. At a post-game press conference, coach Thomas Tuchel said he had “no news” to share, but “seeing the footage everyone would be worried.” “I’m worried,” he bid, not failing to criticize the excessive commitment shown by the Saint-Etienne during this game.

We will certainly know more about Mbappé’s condition this Sunday as the player has to undergo medical examinations. These tests should reveal whether the ankle ligaments are affected or not. If the worst turns out to be true, the PSG striker certainly risks missing the last deadlines of the season for his team. His return to Stade de France next week for the opposition against OL in the Coupe de la Ligue final seems already ruled out. And, there is very serious doubt as to his presence in Final 8 of the Champions League. As they aim for the continental coronation, Paris knows their chances of being crowned vary considerably depending on whether or not their offensive arrow is available.

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