Lille Won Gainst the Girondins de Bordeaux (2-1) This Sunday

On behalf of the 14th day of Ligue 1, Lille won against the Girondins de Bordeaux (2-1) this Sunday. The northern club temporarily takes the lead in the championship pending the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique Lyonnais (9pm).

Burak Yilmaz spared no effort. Often in difficulty after its Europa League matches, Lille had additional motivation this Sunday. A success against Bordeaux and the formation of Christophe Galtier was provisional leader. Result, the club qualified for the 16th of the C3 did the job at home. Even if this performance is not the best of the season. Ben Arfa misses the opening goal As you might expect, LOSC quickly took control of the ball against a Bordeaux team eager to block.

The strategy could have paid off from the first opportunity of the game after Fonte’s error and the duel won by goalkeeper Maignan against Ben Arfa! Lille did not deserve to concede the opening goal given their successful start. The proof, the Mastiffs also got their first opportunity but unlike the former Lyonnais, Bamba (1-0, 17th), a magnificent rolled up with the help of the post, already found the flaw. The northern club probably thought they had done the hard part.

Harmless Bordeaux Except that this opening of the scoring did not knock out the Girondins more and more offensive and quickly rewarded by Basic (1-1, 30th) on a corner of Ben Arfa. We were witnessing a pleasant first period which seemed to end in a draw, until Fonte’s header (2-1, 45th) just before the break, again from a corner! We then wondered how the Navy and White would react to the return of the locker room. And the answer was clear, Jean-Louis Gasset’s men no longer had the slightest argument to be dangerous.

Ben Arfa managed a few dribbles far enough from the goal and his teammates were passive. Suddenly, the LOSC left the ball to its harmless opponent and tried to counter. But the chances of Yilmaz, David and Yazici gave nothing against a good Costil. Enough to keep the advantage until the final whistle and temporarily take the lead in the championship!

The score of the match: 4/10 Rather interesting, with two teams eager to go forward, the first period was followed by a second act that was much less exciting. Lille left the ball to a Bordeaux team lacking inspiration and talent. The goals: – Positioned in the right lane, Ikoné transplanted with the ball in the axis and serves Bamba at the entrance to the surface on the left side. In the duel against a rather wait-and-see Sabaly, the former Stéphanois, without momentum, perfectly rolls up his ball which passes the line using the opposite post (1-0, 17th). – On a corner from Ben Arfa, several players from both teams try to deflect the ball without succeeding. Basic arrives launched at the far post and regains his left foot (1-1, 30th). – On a corner coming out of Bamba, Fonte easily gets rid