Macron Criticized Germany at the Munich Security Conference

At the annual International Security Conference in Munich, Germany, although French President Macron’s participation in the meeting attracted much attention from French and European public opinion, Macron showed a unique trend and had gaps with European partners and NATO. Macron urged Europe to make little progress in building an independent defense, and European reform and Germany lost their common impetus. Macron also proposed a dialogue on the role of the French nuclear power in Munich, but was met with cold reception by NATO.

Although French President Macron has strongly criticized Russia for undermining the order of democracies, echoing US President Pelosi and US Secretary of Defense gravity criticizing Huawei for threatening European and American security, France has shown a distance from European partners on European issues.

According to Agence France-Presse, France’s call for a nuclear strategic dialogue has been cold-spotted by NATO.

French President Macron called on Europe for a “strategic dialogue” on Friday to discuss France’s nuclear weapons role, while North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General Stoltenberg responded indifferently that Europe already has “tested and reliable” deterrents. Stoltenberg said that thanks to the nuclear weapons of the United States and Britain, Europe has long been under a strong nuclear protection umbrella.

NATO member France did not provide nuclear weapons to NATO, but Macron called on members of the European Union in a major speech last week to talk about what role France’s nuclear resistance can play.

It is reported that Stoltenberg had refuted Macron’s criticism last year that NATO’s geopolitical thinking had entered into “brain death.” Stoltenberg also responded indifferently to Macron’s latest proposal today. Stoltenberg said at the Security Conference in Munich, Germany: “We must remember that we now have nuclear deterrence capabilities and 28 allies are providing them every day. That is not just promises, but decades of existence Something, “ju Stoltenberg said,” this is a proven and reliable thing that we use and have institutionalized. This is the ultimate guarantee of European security. ”

French President Macron criticized Germany at the Munich Security Conference. He said that after Brexit, Germany lacked a response to the promotion of strengthening Europe, and France became increasingly impatient.

Asked at the meeting whether German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s silence on his proposed reforms would frustrate him, Macron said: “I will not be depressed, but I am impatient.”

According to Macron, they all have experience waiting for each other to respond, and most importantly in the next few years, addressing sovereignty issues faster on a European basis.

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