Manulife Launches New Green Funds

Manulife Investment Management launches the Manulife Climate Initiatives Fund and the Manulife Climate Initiatives Class. These join the Manulife Investment Management Global Climate Pooled Fund, a fund launched last February.

These funds seek to grow long-term capital while investing in companies that fight for climate change mitigation.

“We recognize the benefits and opportunities that come with the transition to a low carbon economy and a healthier planet. That’s why we strive to provide products and services that empower clients to make their own sustainable choices and build their resilience in the face of climate change, ”commented Leo Zerilli, Manager, Manulife Investment Management in Canada.

As of May 25, the Manulife Climate Initiatives Fund will also be offered under two Manulife segregated fund contracts: the InvestmentPlus GIF Select series and the MPPM segregated funds.

The Manulife Climate Initiatives Fund invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of securities from issuers of global companies that contribute positively to climate change mitigation, particularly companies that have clear plans to reduce their carbon footprint. In selecting securities, the Fund relies on the Paris Agreement and science-based targets.

“We believe that organizations that make progress on all three ESG factors better understand risk and have better potential for returns,” said Patrick Blais, head, Canadian fundamental equity management at Manulife Investment Management.

Before adding a company to their portfolio, managers analyze the historical performance of each company. Fluctuations in earnings and their magnitude, competitive advantages, product line and anything else the company may benefit from are all factors managers take into account when choosing securities for the Fund.