Marvel’s Hit-Monkey has Received a New Trailer

At the center of the new animated series Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, which will air on Hulu, stars a Japanese macaque monkey with the potential to be a killer and a desire for revenge voiced by Fred Tatchiura. Alongside him is Jason Sodeikis, in the role of Bryce, the ghost of an American hired killer and the monkey’s mentor. The two connect inexplicably after Bryce is murdered in the Alps along with the monkey tribe and thus begins their revenge story. The monkey is an amazing killer, though he has a slight rage problem, so the sarcastic and cynical Bryce helps him channel his abilities.

Hulu has released a new short trailer that reveals the funny dynamics between Bryce and the murderous monkey:

Aside from Tatchiura and Sodaikis, the series also features George Takekey as a kind-hearted politician named Shinji and his niece Akiko, played by Olivia Mann, who are both thrown into the political spotlight following an unexpected tragedy. In order to continue on the path of his teacher and dear friend, Shinji begins his campaign to become Prime Minister of Japan. In addition, Eli Maki and Novi Nakanishi are also police officers investigating the Hit-Monkey case to determine if he is a force operating alongside the good or for the bad.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey is definitely not the superhero adaptation we expected, but it looks like it’s going to be a completely insane viewing experience.

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