The New York Stock Exchange is Stable

Wall Street closes the session at the levels of the eve, reporting a variation equal to + 0.1% on the Dow Jones; on the same line, the S & P-500 closed the day without any particular jolts, stopping at 4,455 points.

The Nasdaq 100 consolidates the levels of the eve (+ 0.09%); the S&P 100 was slightly positive (+ 0.2%).

The energy (+ 0.84%), telecommunications (+ 0.69%) and financial (+ 0.55%) sectors stand out in the S&P 500 basket. The health sector, with its -0.42%, is the worst of the market.

Amgen hesitates, with a modest fall of 0.67%.

Among the protagonists of the Nasdaq 100, Tripadvisor (+ 3.56%), Costco Wholesale (+ 3.31%), Tesla Motors (+ 2.75%) and American Airlines (+ 2.34%).

The strongest sales, on the other hand, fell on Moderna, which ended trading at -5.38%.

Bad performance for Mattel, which recorded a decline of 2.61%.

Black session for Baidu, which leaves a loss of 2.45% on the table.

In free fall Bed Bath & Beyond, sinking by 2.17%.