MasterCard and Visa will No Longer Process Payments Destined for Pornhub

The credit card companies Visa and Mastercard announced Thursday that they will no longer allow their use on the pornographic video site Pornhub, owned by Montreal-based Mindgeek.

Pornhub came under fire last week after The New York Times reported that the website hosted videos of child sexual abuse and exploitation, prompting financial services firms Visa and MasterCard to investigate their relationship with the site.

MasterCard says its investigation found illegal material on the site and asked its financial partners to stop accepting payments to Pornhub.

For its part, Visa said its investigation was ongoing, but it was in the meantime suspending Pornhub’s acceptance privileges, pending completion.

Pornhub denies the existence of illegal content on its site and claims that it employs moderators to screen every video upload. Pornhub and Mindgeek did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Thursday.

Mindgeek is a conglomerate that owns more than 100 websites, production companies and brands. Pornhub itself is one of the busiest porn sites, with more than 100 million daily visits and over 36 billion visits per year, according to the company.

The allegations against Pornhub sparked backlash from politicians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said his government was working with police and security officials to investigate.

MasterCard is also investigating potential illegal content that may be on other websites, the company said.

9 million videos went to waste: Pornhab cut more than two-thirds of content

It was a real storm. A few days ago it was revealed in the New York Times that Pornhab, the popular site for adult content, allows users to upload unsupervised videos – and the price the company paid was heavy. The drama began when the newspaper discovered that a video had been uploaded to the site documenting the sexual assault of a minor. Following this incident Visa and MasterCard threatened not to allow users to pay on the site and indeed blocked this option.

Yesterday (Sunday) Pornhab folded. The investigative channel Vice News reported that all the unverified videos had been removed from the site. What is an unverified video? Any video that came from non-official users or from the site’s models program. This means that everything that came from Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. will no longer be approved for upload. Before the deletion, the number of contents on the site was about 13.5 million and today there are about 4.7 million left – a drop of nearly 70 percent of the contents.

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