Ankara Responded With A Similar Message “U.S.”Visa Policy” for Turkish…

A day after the United States revised its non-immigrant visa policy for Turkish passport holders, Ankara responded with a similar message of putting “certain limits” on visa applications in its diplomatic missions.

“There is a need to address this issue as a whole. Mutuals steps had been taken. There is a necessity to ease citizens’ work at this point. Work of U.S. citizens was also made difficult after this recent approach by the U.S,” Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ said.

The US Embassy in Ankara had announced on Tuesday that it was altering its visa policy by category, namely not allowing appointments for business and tourist visas until January 2019 . There are exceptions for medical reasons, students, and some businesspeople and journalists requiring urgent visas.

“We, as the Republic of Turkey, also have certain limits in terms of visas. I think this meaningless approach should immediately be put aside,” Akdağ added.

Turkey did not elaborate on what its new limits would be.

The United States suspended non-immigrant visa services in Turkey citing security concerns after the arrest of a Turkish national employed by a US consulate in Turkey on October 8. Turkey quickly retaliated with a similar move.

Prior to the diplomatic fallout, US citizens were able to apply for online electronic or visas upon arrival.

US nationals have been able to obtain non-immigrant visas at some Turkish missions outside of the United States since November 7 on a “limited” basis.

On November 20, Turkey required that US citizens have valid residency permits from another country in order to apply for non-immigrant visas in countries outside of the United States.