Meghan Markle could Suffer a New Blow from her Father

Currently, Meghan Markle is experiencing a new moment of tension after she and her husband Prince Harry announced their resignation from their positions within British royalty.

And while the Duke of Sussex remains in London resolving the first consequences of his decision, the Duchess is in Canada, possibly preparing for a new battle against his own father, Thomas Markle.

Last autumn she declared she was suing a British newspaper over the publication of excerpts of a letter she had sent her father Thomas Markle, accusing him of breaking her heart “into a million pieces”.

The bombshell announcement was made on the penultimate day of an (up to then anyway) successful Royal tour of southern Africa.

The Duchess must have hoped the threat of legal action would have brought a halt to what she perceived as the Mail on Sunday’s campaign against her.

But on Tuesday night, any chance of putting a lid on the rift with her father – and further adverse newspaper reports – appeared to have been blown sky high.

While the waters remain a little rough around him, Meghan remains calm in her Canadian home.

According some News, Archie Harrison’s mother spends most of her time at home with her son, although she occasionally ventures out on her own.

According to the informant, Meghan moves in a Range Rover truck that is driven by herself, while being closely followed by her security team.

But Markle does not forget his work. During her stay in Canadian territory, she has continued her support to organizations very close to her heart. For example, this week he moved to Vancouver to visit a Women’s Center.