Beijie Launches Regular Customer Discount in February 1

Taipei MRT Corporation today held a press conference with the Taipei City Transportation Bureau and the New Taipei City Transportation Bureau, announcing that Beijie will launch a frequent flyer discount system from February. Passengers who take more than 10 times a month can enjoy up to 30% cash back. In addition, Beijie has accumulated monthly passenger rides since January. Therefore, the public will not only have an original 20% discount for taking the MRT in January, but also receive a cash back on February 1.

Taipei MRT Corporation stated that from February 1st, Beijie will adjust its past comprehensive 20% discount, and use the frequent cash discount system for frequent customers. The reward ratio is determined by the number of rides per card per month, and the maximum can be returned to 30%, which is equivalent to 30%. . Passengers take 11 to 20 times a month, giving back 10% every other month; 21 to 30 times a month, giving 15% every other month; 31 to 40 times a month, getting 20% ​​every other month, 41 to 50 times a month , Give back 25% every other month, 51 times per month, 30% every other month.

The number of rides is based on the completion of “inbound credit card, outbound debit”, and the date is calculated based on the outbound deduction time. The accumulated date starts at 0 o’clock on the 1st of each month and ends at 24:00 on the last day of each month. From the first month of the next month, the public will save their credit cards when entering the station, and passengers will receive direct feedback when they enter the station within 6 months from the next month. From January 17th, the public can go to the MRT station ticket card inquiry machine to check the cumulative number of the month and the amount of rewards; from January 20th, the automatic ticket vending machine and the gate display will also show the cumulative number of the month; February 1st Launched the “Taipei MRT GO” app, so that people can query without the MRT station.

Beijie pointed out that, in response to the frequent passenger preferential measures implemented on February 1, the MRT company has started to accumulate passenger rides in January since January, and the original 20% discount is still available in January. Beijie settled on February 1. Later, the cash rebate ratio will be determined according to the number of rides of the new discount scheme, and cash will be repaid by the system’s automatic replenishment method. Beijie appeals to the public to form the habit of using the same ticket card from now on in order to focus on accumulating rides and get the most rewards.

Beijie emphasized that regular customers do not need to apply in advance, do not need to set up on the Internet, and do not need to redeem at the counter. The reward amount will be automatically added to the electronic ticket card. There is no expiration date after the reward amount is added to the electronic ticket. The use is not limited to taking the MRT, but can also be used for daily consumption such as taking a bus or shopping. Four types of e-tickets, such as Future Travel Card, All-in-One Card, Love Gold Card and Rich Card, are applicable to frequent guest feedback. If the public uses a monthly pass of 1280 yuan, or the Respect for the Elderly and Love Cards (40% off), Children’s Cards (40% off in Taipei, 40% off in New Taipei City), the discount remains unchanged.

The future reward system is applicable to 4 major tickets such as Youyou Card, All-in-One Card, Love Gold Card and Rich Card. From February, the 4 major tickets will also launch additional discounts. Bind Youyou Card with LINE Personalized Service and enjoy 25 yuan for family shopping with MRT over 250 yuan; use the MRT to log in online and return 2% to your LINE PAY e-payment account; love gold card single card for more than 35 per month Second, give Starbucks friends to share vouchers; hold a money card bank co-branded card and take a MRT to give back 5% of the amount up to 100 yuan, and if you have a money card, add points.

Wu Junyou, director of the planning department of Beijie, said that the 20% discount introduced in the past was to encourage the use of electronic tickets. Now the use rate of electronic tickets has reached 97%, and the goal has been achieved. At present, 60% of Beijie passengers are short-distance passengers, but the 1280 monthly pass is suitable for medium- and long-distance passengers. Beijie hopes to give back to the major customer groups through discounts.

In the past, Xinbei has been commenting on Beijie’s frequent guest feedback system. Linbei Zhu, deputy director of the New Taipei City Transportation Bureau, said today that Xinbei City is concerned about the rights and interests of vulnerable groups and continues to pay attention to how MRT companies can achieve a balance in revenue and public rights. After the double-north negotiations, a goodwill response has been obtained, and the weak concessions will also be maintained.