Men’s Favorite Women’s Makeup Which one do you Think is the Best?

A Korean magazine conducted a survey on single men aged 20 to 39 about their views on women’s makeup. , Most men don’t like women’s smoky makeup, and prefer girls to draw black eyeliner than plain makeup.


Men feel the sexiest lips


First place Lips that look moisturized after applying lip gloss 64.5%


Second place: light-colored lips painted pink or nude 23.5%


3rd place red lips 9%


No. 4 Lips that don’t apply 2.5%


Fifth place, fluorescent lips that jump TONE 0.5%


Men’s Most Wanted Girlfriend’s Hairstyle

First place long curly hair 41.5%

2nd place with long straight hair 39.5%

Third place short hair 11.5%

4th place super short hair 5%

Fifth place Afro 2.5%

Men’s favorite skin type

First place milk skin 66%

Second place: wheat skin 15%

Third place: intermediate skin 11%

4th place The cheeks are slightly flushed, and the skin looks good with blood color 5.5%

The fifth place has freckles and looks like a man’s skin 2.5%

Nude makeup should be painted well, base makeup is the most important

Nude makeup emphasizes that the makeup effect of all parts of the face should be light, so the base makeup is extremely demanding, not heavy, but it must be able to cover facial blemishes. Korea is the first country to be famous for its non-sense base makeup. The white and translucent faces of actresses and make-up models in Korea are almost invisible.

Pink noodles like cherry blossoms

The translucent cushion BB cream creates a cherry blossom-like pink complexion, blooms a poetic charm, soft, refreshing, non-greasy, brightens the complexion while the skin can breathe freely. (Compared before and after, it can be seen that the skin tone is brightened for a time, but some of the blemishes can not be covered)

When the cherry blossoms are flying, there will be no powder on the face

Just when the cherry blossoms are flying, I use a touch of sweetness to make up myself. In addition to setting makeup and driving away the oil field, the powder also modifies the blemishes of the face, making the porcelain white skin bloom infinitely charming throughout the day. I’m drunk. (In contrast, the skin tone is more natural, and facial blemishes have disappeared)

Cheeks filled with happiness

The pink blush that improves the breath of the face makes the whole person immersed in the sea of ​​happiness.

Delicate cherry lips

Compared with the big red lip color, the pink color blurs the contours of the lips, and can better express the plumpness of the lips, making the lips scent with a smile.

Favorite eye makeup

No. 1 Black Eyeliner 42.5%


The second place is the eyes without makeup 25.5%


3rd place: eyes with curly mascara 21%


Fourth place smokey makeup 8.5%


No. 5 Eye makeup with strong colors such as blue and yellow 2.5%


54% think that relatively heavy makeup is not as good as plain makeup


Favorite type of foundation

First place with a slightly lighter skin tone than the original skin tone 38.5%


2nd place only BB cream makeup 35%


Third place, put on some blush and look bloody and good makeup 18.5%


The fourth place gives people a very complete look 5%


Fifth place completely without makeup 3%

The most disgusting female makeup

1st place Ultra-white base makeup 48%


Second place, dark lipstick draws the mouth like lard 19%


Third place: heavy eye makeup 12.5%


4th place Eye makeup with very clear eyeliner 10.5%


5th place Both cheeks are painted as red as monkey buttocks 10%

Naked makeup restores the true self

The essence of makeup is to make people beautiful, not to pretend. The effect of makeup pursues nature, elegance and self, and the integration of makeup and people. In the most romantic spring, the pink nude makeup like cherry blossoms is always king. The blooming petals slowly fall with the spring breeze. Romantic and gentle, you can also have the refined beauty like a fairy descending to the world.