Mercedes is Hiring 100 Professionals for Technology Center in Lisbon

Stacy Adams

Front-end and back-end programmers, cloudops and engineers from different areas are some of the open positions., a company in the Daimler group for the development of technological marketing and sales solutions, has just announced the recruitment of over 100 professionals to join the company’s team in Lisbon.

Front-end and back-end programmers, cloudops, engineers from different fields, solution architects, product owners, scrum masters and UX designers are some of the open positions, as well as a Chief Technology Officer and a senior Human Resources professional.

“We have very ambitious recruitment objectives for the coming years, which are a clear sign of the Daimler group’s investment in the city and in the country,” says the managing director of, Alexandre Vaz.

“Opening the technological development hub in Lisbon was a decision based not only on the availability and quality of talent in the technological area, (…) but also because the country is experiencing a growing wave of innovation and entrepreneurship”, explains the same official. installed its technological center in the country in 2017, with the aim of internalizing and developing Mercedes-Benz digital marketing, sales and after-sales platforms, in order to support the automotive area worldwide.

Currently, the company develops more than 30 products, such as Test Drive Booking, Vehicle Car Search, Mercedes Me and eCommerce platform, among others.


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