Microsoft 21.9 Billion Contract to Give Augmented Reality to The US A rmy

Microsoft won a $ 21.9 billion contract to supply at least 120,000 augmented reality devices to the United States army.

The equipment that Microsoft will provide will be used so that soldiers can train their combat capabilities. The “Integrated Visual Augmented Reality System” allows you to create layers of information about the actual reality, promoting, for example, the ability to detect threats from soldiers. It becomes possible to see through walls.

Other characteristics that can be trained with this technology are the ability to make decisions in different scenarios and the sharing of information. Microsoft says, in a post on its blog, that the devices in this way increase the effectiveness and safety of soldiers.

The agreement provides for at least 120,000 devices to be delivered to the U.S. army’s combat force, according to an official source from the technology company, cited by the Financial Times.

The $ 21.9 billion is expected to be spread over the next ten years, depending on the number of devices actually delivered. Microsoft has been working with the army over the past two years on a prototype of this product, which is an evolution of its smart glasses, the HoloLens, developed for the business sector.