Microsoft Announced that A New Version of Windows will Debut on June 24

Microsoft (MSFT-US) said on Wednesday (2nd) that the “Next Generation of Windows” will be released online on June 24 at 11 am Eastern Time. A week ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that it would be a match for developers and creators. Major improvements have been made to the PC operating system.

Windows is the main operating system for personal computers, accounting for 14% of Microsoft’s total revenue. Since the first launch of the Windows 10 operating system in 2015, Microsoft has updated it twice a year.

After Microsoft announced that it would no longer launch Windows 10X, Nadella made the above-mentioned comments on Windows last week.

The system was originally designed for dual-screen devices, such as the delayed Surface Neo. Microsoft then focused on single-screen PCs, such as Windows 10X for laptops, but on May 18, the company said, “We will not launch the so-called Windows 10X products to the market this year, but use The experience so far has accelerated the integration of key 10X basic technologies into Windows and other parts of the product.”

The most recent Windows 10 update that Microsoft announced last month has only slightly changed.

The technology news website Windows Central reported in February that Microsoft is developing a Windows update code-named Sun Valley, which has a more modern appearance and rounded corners for small components such as the start menu. The website also mentioned that Microsoft may transform its Windows app store, allowing developers to use third-party business systems, and also launched an updated version of Sun Valley.

According to the media invitation issued by Microsoft, the event will be held online at 11 am Eastern Time, and in addition to Nadella will be present, Microsoft Product Chief Panos Panay will also attend the meeting, and Panos Panay is responsible for Microsoft’s Surface devices.