Microsoft: “Hackers were Able to View Source Files”

In early December, technology giants were hit by an attack on SolarWinds software used by giant computer network management companies. Microsoft now claims that hackers were able to view source files, and although this is a real danger that could jeopardize software security, Microsoft makes it clear that the software is safe.

While Microsoft continues to investigate the hacking of SolarWinds‘ infrastructure, the American technology giant claims that it has discovered that hackers have managed to reach sensitive parts of the systems, which made it possible to display software source code. However, it was clarified that the user who used the hack had no permissions to modify the code or any systems, only “read” permissions. Microsoft has claimed that the person behind the attack is a “very sophisticated country”, while the US government and cyber security officials have already accused Russia of plotting the attack on SolarWidns. , And we may hear about further implications in the coming months.

Fortunately, Microsoft claims that while hackers went deeper than initially thought, they found “no evidence of access to production services or customer data,” and further clarified: “No indications were found that the systems were used to attack others. We assume our competitors know that anyway Our source code, so we do not rely on it to keep our products secure. ” Microsoft did not say what code was revealed and what it was used for.

Close to the hack on SolarWinds software through which hackers managed to hack into other companies, Microsoft President Brad Smith said the attack was a “moment of reckoning” and warned of the danger of the hack. “This is not ordinary espionage, in fact it is also not an attack on specific targets, but on the trust and credibility of the critical infrastructure in the world, in order to promote a single state intelligence agency,” he explained.

Microsoft may be reassured that viewing the source files does not endanger users and that it is taking further steps to protect the software, but the very fact that Microsoft discovers new details about a month after the attack is a disturbing statistic. It is not inconceivable that in the coming months we will find out more companies that have been affected by the attack.

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