Microsoft’s Strategic Partnerships with Walmart

Currently, less than two months pass without the announcement of a new strategic partnership between Microsoft and various industry players. These partnerships are closed not only in the retail and consumer goods environment, but across all industries.

Above all, Microsoft’s clear positioning as a platform manufacturer, the accompanying competence in digitization and the opportunity for a sustainable mutual complementation of competencies are crucial.

Walmart – Five-Year Partnership to Drive Walmart’s Digital Transformation. Walmart is already using Microsoft applications and will now  on further, broad-based innovation projects based on Azure Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and the Azure Cloud Platform.

Campbell Soup – Partnership to Democratize Campbells IT. Campbell will migrate to Microsoft Azure to increase infrastructure responsiveness and agility. Campbell will use Azure as a hybrid cloud solution to analyze, for example, real-time data.

VW – Strategic partnership for the joint development of the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud. The industrial cloud will encompass all of Volkswagen’s future digital services and mobility offerings. Volkswagen is thus furthering its digital transformation and is choosing the Microsoft platform Azure as the basis for the Automotive Cloud.

EON – cooperation to offer a smart home control system for all devices that consume or generate electricity in the home. So far, there are only individual apps for different systems, which are hardly compatible with each other. A first version of the controller is expected to be released early next year.

Adobe + Microsoft + SAP – Open Data Initiative merger to enable the sharing and enrichment of data beyond data silos, system boundaries and proprietary platforms. The initiative is a first step initiated by the three companies. The initiative should also be open to other companies in the future.