Modern Technology Seen in “Shin Eva Beginning”

The movie “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” released on March 8 after being postponed twice by Corona. Although it was open to the public on weekdays, the box office revenue on the first day was about 800 million yen, and the number of spectators was about 530,000, making a good start.

The production company’s color released the opening part of the work “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version Opening 12 minutes 10 seconds 10 frames” on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video at midnight on the first day of release. Amazon Prime Video says it will release the archive until March 21st.

In this article, in order to deepen the understanding of the technology that appears in “Shin Eva” while avoiding the spoilers of the main story, we will consider the contents drawn at the beginning part that is currently being released (spoilers up to the previous work will be done) So if you want to avoid that too, browse back here).

Before getting into the content, I would like to briefly touch on the appearance of the story and the setting of the times. This is because it provides some indication of the relationship between the depiction in the work and the real world. If you know it, you can skip it.

The story of Evangelion begins when a strange creature called an “Apostle” invades Hakone, Japan. The purpose of the apostle is to come into contact with the apostle “Lilith” who sleeps deep underground in Hakone and cause an event called “third impact” to destroy other life on the earth today. The organization that tries to prevent this by using “general-purpose humanoid decisive weapon Android Evangelion” is NERV, a special agency to which the main character Shinji Ikari belongs.

The new movie version is a four-part work consisting of “Introduction,” “Break,” “Q,” and “Shin,” and in “Break,” Shinji’s actions result in a third impact (close to) (immediately stopped). But).

In “Q”, Shinji, who had been asleep for 14 years due to the influence of the third impact, wakes up from sleep and is upset by witnessing the world after the third that he has awakened. And, as a result of acting to redo this world, this time it causes “force impact”. Moreover, a friend died next to him to stop this.

When Shinji is irreparably backfired and suffers from despair and lethargy, Eva pilot Shikinami Asuka Langley takes Shinji out of the entry plug (in short, Eva’s cockpit). Start walking on the red earth.

Q and Shin are 14 years after the beginning and the break …?
The beginning of “Shin” is immediately after “Q” in the chronological table (*). At the beginning of the release, a scene where Eva Unit 8 β and Eva on the enemy side battle in Paris, France, and a scene where Shinji and others continue to walk on the red ground from “Q” are projected.

* At the beginning of Shin Eva, Ritsuko said “Paris for the first time in 16 years”, but it is unknown whether 16 years ago is the same time as the beginning and the break.

Since “Introduction” and “Break” continuously draw almost the same time, it is first understood that the order is XXXX year (Introduction, break) → XXXX + 14 year (Q, Shin).

The era drawn by “Introduction” and “Break” should be almost modern, but in fact, the new movie version is not clear as far as I investigated. In the old movie version (New Century Evangelion Movie version Air / Magokoro to you) released in 1997 and the TV animation series connected to it, it is stated that the apostle’s invasion is 2015, 15 years before 2000 It is said that there was a catastrophic “second impact” in the year.

If the chronology of the old movie version is applied, a second impact will occur in 2000 and half of humanity will be destroyed, a third impact will occur in 2015 and it will be further destroyed, and 2029 will be the stage of this work.

However, in “Break”, there is a scene where NERV’s combat commander Misato Katsuragi uses Panasonic’s notebook PC “Let’s note F8” (released in 2008), which is characterized by a design with a handle, as his own PC. is there. As for the situation in the “outside” world, “Break” was released in 2009, and it is no wonder that Let’s note F8 will appear because Eva and Panasonic have collaborated. However, if the Let’snote F8 was released at the same time in the world of Eva, Misato would have been using the model seven years ago.

Panasonic notebook PC “Let’s note F8”
However, there is a great possibility that the development of Panasonic was delayed due to the influence of the second impact, and it is thought that the Let’s note F8 was the latest model even in 2015 during the work. Or it is wrong to set the year of “break” to 2015, and it may be several years ago.

In any case, until then, if you say “I don’t care about the details”, although it is possible that there is some discrepancy between the work and the real world, it appears in the work. I would like to proceed on the assumption that some of the technologies and products that come are in line with reality.

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