The Launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

The launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is expected to be significantly delayed. Already a few weeks ago, Apple’s CFO reported that a postponement was expected, but now it appears that there is a delay of up to two months.

Launched this year
Among the smartphones that Samsung launched this year, it seems that the most interesting product is actually in the field of audio: the Galaxy Buds Live. Now they have finally landed in Israel, and we spent 48 hours with them to get back to you with impressions.

The most interesting that came out of the launch that took place a few weeks ago. The Note 20 comes with minor enhancements that we’ll write about later this week, but the Galaxy Buds come in a design that Samsung has yet to release, with capabilities that on paper sound particularly interesting when it comes to fully wireless (true-wireless) headphones.

The new headphones, which claim to defeat the AirPods, proved that the gut feeling was right – this is absolutely the most interesting product that Samsung has launched. I got the headphones from Sonny, an importer of Samsung, and spent 48 hours with the new headphones and came back with impressions.

The headphones that landed on my desk came in a “bronze” color, the most talked about and perhaps also the most interesting color that Samsung has ever launched. The box feels a bit cheap plastic, not as high quality as the AirPods box. Inside the box you can find the pair of headphones, and as soon as I opened it, an alert was also opened in the Galaxy, similar to Apple’s AirPods. One of the doubts I had with the new headphones was that they would not be comfortable because they do not fit well into the ear, but “sit” inside the ear lobe. The “bean” shape seems to work well.

In the box you can find several earplugs, so that the headphones fit perfectly in the ear. However, I used seals that came by default, which turned out to be perfect for my ears. And even in running they did not go out of their ears. Thanks to their sweat resistance (IPX2), they can definitely be used as sports headphones. To my surprise, the headphones were so comfortable that even with prolonged use of hours, they did not bother or cause discomfort to the ear. They fit perfectly in the ear, and it’s hard for me to write this on every in-ear headphone I’ve tested.

In previous generations, the quality of the microphone was also particularly poor, while this time I was positively impressed by the quality of the conversations and the parties with whom I conducted the conversation, heard me well. Whether it was in the car, on the street or at home, every time I had a conversation, the other side heard me perfectly.

There are a lot of disagreements about Apple and whether it makes the best smartphone or not, but there is one disagreement about one thing: Apple knows how to build a perfect user experience and it has done so on AirPods as well. Samsung has not been able to reach that level with the previous headphones, or at least until the Buds Live came along that changed everything. Already at the initial opening of the box, an alert popped up in my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and I was offered to plug in headphones. I disliked the fact that after I clicked “Login”, the smartphone had to download software from the app store.

After the initial connection which was relatively simple, a new menu opens in the “Galaxy Wearable” app and in the menu you can easily select the equalizer of the headphones, turn the noise filter on or off, set what the headphones will do when pressed and more. The app is simple, the interface looks good and it is certainly possible to give Samsung a commendation in everything related to the user experience and these headphones. The connection below was also quick and easy, and was done automatically and lasted one second.

The headphones provide good audio quality, not phenomenal but not really bad. These are without a doubt the best headphones that have come out of Samsung in recent years. It’s just a shame that active noise filtering is more “on paper” than really noticeable. They can be used for up to 7.5 hours, and I have to say that I have not yet had time to use them for that amount of time, but it can be said that the battery life of the headphones is excellent, probably when 15 minutes of charging provides almost two hours of listening.

Combined with the comfort of the ear, the unique design and the good audio quality, these are undoubtedly great headphones that deserve to compete with AirPods, but still not quite in the league of AirPods Pro. Android users have been waiting in anticipation for headphones that will give a user experience similar to that of AirPods only on Android, and now it can be said: the coveted headphones have arrived. They can be found in the Sunny chain, an importer of Samsung in Israel at a price of NIS 699.

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The launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is expected to be significantly delayed

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