Mojo Vision Announces AR Contact Lens

Mojo Vision, a US startup, announced on January 16 (local time) the “Mojo Lens,” which claims to be “the world’s first true smart contact lens.” An AR (augmented reality) contact lens with a built-in display that displays textual information in the field of view.

While AR glasses haven’t been put into practical use yet, Mojo Vision says it has developed a method of displaying data directly in the field of view because “AR glasses give a sense of strangeness to the surroundings and narrow the field of view.” The company called the platform “Invisible Computing” because it wouldn’t be visible to others.

Mojo Lens has been developed for more than 10 years, and is currently undergoing demonstration experiments with prototypes. The release schedule is unknown.

The target of provision is assumed to be a wide range from consumers to companies. Designed to provide access to real-time information without disturbing visibility, companies can significantly increase productivity and compliance, says Mojo Vision.

mojo 2
Green text appears in sight
The company also announced that it has begun research on visual rehabilitation with the Mojo Lens in partnership with Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, a non-profit organization that provides rehabilitation services to people with blindness or visual impairment.

Mojo Lens incorporates the ultra-compact display “Mojo Vision 14K PPI” announced last May by the company. This display has a pixel pitch of over 14,000 ppi and a pixel density of over 200 Mppi.

JoMojo Vision is a privately held company based in Saratoga, California, founded in 2015. Invested by Google (Gradient Ventures), HP Tech Ventures, Motorola Solutions, LG Electronics and others.