Negative for Covid-19 Cristiano Ronaldo is Fundamental Reinforcement for Juventus de Pirlo

After 19 days, the player is free to leave the isolation; team saw income drop without the striker
Almost 20 days after a positive test for Covid-19 for the first time, Cristiano Ronaldo is free to leave the isolation and return to play for Juventus. And it will be an important reinforcement for Andrea Pirlo, who saw the team’s performance drop without its main player.

While serving in the Portuguese team, Cristiano Ronaldo received a positive result for the presence of the coronavirus and was immediately removed from group activities and isolated in his home – which, in fact, caused controversy in the health regulators of Italy, who accused the shirt 7 of have breached security protocols. On this arrow (30), 19 days later, Juventus issued a note stating that the player is cured.