Netanyahu Goes into Quarantine After Aide Tested Positive “Corona”

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu entered quarantine until the end of a study. He is also being retested.

Netanyahu and his close staff will remain in solitary confinement until the epidemiological investigation is over, after one of his advisers has been ill in Corona; The 58-year-old died of coronation in Assaf the doctor’s hospital, increasing the number of people to 16; the number of patients in Israel rose to 4,347, the condition of 80 is critical; Maturity will be conducted in groups of ten.

Ministry of Health: Israel has 4,347 corona patients, 80 of whom are in serious condition, 134 have recovered, 16 have died.

The Ministry of Health said that Minister Ya’akov Litzman agreed with Interior Minister Aryeh Deri that the details of the Corona patients and the isolates would be transferred to the Interior Ministry and from there to all the authorities, while securing information and preserving the individual’s modesty. The move was made to monitor the implementation of the Ministry of Health’s guidelines.

In the meantime, the municipality of Bnei Brak will independently set up a corona testing complex, with the approval of the Ministry of Health. The municipality said they intended to undergo mass corona testing, including at supermarkets. According to the municipality, inspections at the supermarkets will be done in a timely and unannounced manner to prevent crowds. The Drive Inn complex is expected to be located in the commercial area opposite Ayalon Mall. Mayor Rabbi Avraham Rubinstein, who is in solitary confinement, lashed out Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman. “While the Minister of Health is requesting a closure of the city of Bnei Brak, his ministry officials are continuing to break up with the city’s leaders and not give out the full details of the Corona patients so that they can be treated,” the mayor said.