Netanyahu’s Coalition Collapses: Sharp Drops on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is down 2.2%, the Banks Index is down 3.3%, the Tel Aviv Rimon index is down 2.3%, Tel Aviv Insurance falls 4.2% , The TA-Tech index is down 1.8%.

Poalim stock
(2,318.00 -3.09%)
Decreases 3%, national
(2,249.00 -3.06%)
In 3%, Elbit Systems
(42,740 -2.86%)
Losing 3.9%, NICE
(38,910 -1.64%)
Down 2%, Shufersal
(2,290 -3.66%)
Drops 4%. All TA-35 shares are painted in bright red.

In the government bond market there are increases of up to 0.3%.

The turnover at this time is more than NIS 1.1 billion.

Only this morning Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to the Bank of Israel’s acceptance of market declines and told worried investors, “If you have any brains, close your eyes and let the turnstile turn around.”


The sharp drop in the stock market following the report of the election to the government, as political uncertainty adds to the wave of declines that reached the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The TA-35 index is down 1.8%, the TA-90 index is losing 1.9%, the banks index is down 2.8%.

At the end of the meeting of the coalition leaders today, the Prime Minister’s spokesman issued a statement on the dispersal of the Knesset and the exit to an election campaign.

Leumi share
(2,249.00 -3.06%)
Decreases 3%, workers
(2,318.00 -3.09%)
By 2.5%, the Phoenix
(1,901.00 -4.95%)
Losing 1.5%, Delek Drilling will have
(977.2 -2.28%)
Decreases by 2.4%, Melisron
(14,860 -1.72%)
Drops 1.5%, Teva falls 1.6%, and international
(7,565 -1.84%)
International is down 1.2%.

The trading turnover at this time is around NIS 950 million.


Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is proceeding at declines that have been increasing in the last hour, with the Tel Aviv index shedding 0.8%, Tel Aviv 90 falling at a similar rate, and the Banks index is already losing 2%.

Hapoalim is down 2.2%, Leumi is 1.7%, Elbit Systems is losing 2.4%, NICE is down 1.1%, Supersol is down 2.4%.


After a positive opening, the indices on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange were traded in the red territory, with the TA-35 index
(1,417.67 -2.19%)
Decreasing 0.5%, the TA-90 index
(1,004.01 -2.62%)
Loses 0.4% and the banks index falls 1.5%. We reiterate that this week the monthly expiration of the options embedded in the TA-35 index will be carried out.

National Bank shares
(2,249.00 -3.06%)
, International
(7,565 -1.84%)
And working
(2,318.00 -3.09%)
Down 1.5% each, the Shufersal share
(2,290 -3.66%)
Is down 1.6%, on the other hand Israel Corporation
(90,550.00 + 0.06%)
Rises 1.8%, and shares cannabis Mediwi
(3,600 -3.28%)
(410 + 5.13%)
Prominent in increases.

The turnover at this time is NIS 585 million.


The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange climbed 0.1% and the Banks Index fell 0.5%.

The trading turnover at this time amounts to only NIS 295 million.


Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opened on the green territory, after the crash yesterday, with the leading indexes rising at a low-volume opening. The TA-35 index is up 0.7%, the TA-90 index is unchanged, and the banks index is up 0.5%.