New Mercedes CLA 2020 has Officially Appeared

The all-new Mercedes CLA 2020 has officially appeared at CES, where our colleague Hashim is now in Las Vegas, USA. The latest 4-door coupe from the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is the perfect solution for people who dream of owning her older sister Mercedes CLS but do not have enough money.

The Mercedes CLA 2020 has an exterior design derived from the brand identity of the new Mercedes 2020. This new all-new car is a compact version of the Mercedes CLS 2019.

To the interior of the Mercedes CLA 2020, we certainly agree that it is very luxurious as it is one of the Mercedes, and used high-quality materials and got the cabin on two screens for the entertainment system size of 10.25 inches and the second of the dashboard like all new Mercedes cars, MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience – The new Mercedes-Benz sedan, derived from the Mercedes-Benz S Class 2019.

The new edition of the first edition of the CLA, with its brand new second generation, has become the Orange Edition, and the German manufacturer has focused on putting orange touches on this special version.

In terms of exterior dimensions, the size of the Mercedes CLA increased to 4,688 mm (the previous model increased by 48 mm) and the length of the wheelbase increased by 30 mm to 2,729 mm. This increase in size was positively reflected on the comfort of the interior of this car The sedans are small in size.

So far, the Mercedes CLA 250 2020 has been launched, mechanically powered by a 4-cylinder engine with two turbochargers, with 221 hp (224 hp PS) and 350 Newton meters of torque, connected with a 7-speed automatic polycarbonate, and this version works in front-wheel drive or full-wheel drive.

Later, God willing, the Mercedes CLA 43 AMG 2020 will be launched, God willing, and it is uncertain that the CLA 45 AMG will be available.