New York Stock Market is Exploding

The New York stock market is in a boom.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (Nasdaq: Dow Jones Industrial Average)

International oil prices also rose about 10%

The KOSDAQ KOSPI won exchange rate also changes a lot.

New York Stock Market Dow Closing Nasdaq Index

DJIA 22878.65 1086.45 ▲ 4.99%

S & P 500 index 2467.71 116.61 ▲ 4.96%

Russell 2000 1325.40 58.48 ▲ 4.62%

Data as of Dec 26, 2018

Trump and Powell’s emergency meeting is coming.

US President George W. Bush and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mansushin, both of whom are in talks with the Fed,

New York stock market officials seem to be attempting to stabilize the market early, as the market and the head of the economy department are dismissed in an upsurge of market uncertainty in connection with the plunge in the New York stock market.

Kevin Hassett, the chairman of the White House Economic Advisory Council (CEA), told reporters at the White House that “ yes, 100% ” ”

In the US stock market, the three major indexes suffered extreme anxiety, including a drop of more than 2 percent on the eve of Christmas Eve. It was the worst nightfall in Christmas Eve transactions.

The news of the shutdown of the US government and President Donald Trump’s dismissal of the Fed chairman Jerome Powell prompted anxiety.

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Moussin’s review of the bank’s liquidity situation has also worsened investment sentiment.

The major indexes started to rebound on this day as the decline in trading days was serious.

China announced its intention to continue stimulating the economy through tax cuts next year, and supported investment sentiment by announcing a negative list that drastically eased investment regulations.

A clarification about the chaos of the White House came out.

A White House official said in an interview with CNBC that Manshin’s call with the bank was not a liquidity check, but a preventive measure to check the overall volatility of the financial market.

However, unstable factors remain.

Though White House officials have evolved that there will be no dismissal of Powell, President Trump’s criticism of the Fed has persisted.