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Galaxy S7 is being sold: top Samsung mobile for 279 euros

Launched in March 2016, the Galaxy S7 was among the best smartphones in the CHIP Leaderboard. After release of the successor S8 and S9, the Samsung phone has dropped significantly in price. An Android 8 update, the S7 has yet received: Thus, it is up to date. In the video, you will learn what the S7 can do.

The magic 300 Euro limit
Since its release in March 2016, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has been causing a massive price drop. At the start of the market, the early birds had to put just under 700 euros on the table. Since then, more and more retailers are offering the S7 for just under half the original price.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-range smartphone for a comparably low price, then the Galaxy S7 deal is the right choice.

The former top-of-the-range Galaxy S7 is still among the Top 25 in CHIP in the mobile leaderboard. It impressed in the test with its enormous speed, excellent camera and excellent workmanship. The 32 GB of memory can be expanded easily via microSD card. The Galaxy S7 is also waterproof. The battery lasted more than nine hours in the CHIP lab and can be quickly recharged  to Quick Charge

Saturn and Media Markt charge 319 euros for the Samsung mobile phone (to the media market offer).
Amazon has the Samsung mobile phone in the 32-gigabyte version currently for about 300 euros in the offer (the Amazon offer).

The online retailer currently has the best deal: With the coupon code PHONE50 (entry in the shopping cart) the displayed price is reduced from 329 Euro to very cheap 279 Euro including shipping costs (directly to the offer). Currently, no other dealer in the price comparison, the Galaxy S7 for less money. The only condition with The coupon code must be in connection with the method of payment of the zero percent financing. Thus you conclude a credit agreement with the order. This is not a real drawback, but should be mentioned.