Nintendo Plays Everything for With New Mario Kart

Nintendo is about to launch its biggest product for the holiday season, where it will take on next-generation consoles from rivals Microsoft and Sony.

A look ahead of the launch of the new Mario Kart game for Switch, which features augmented reality and its living room as a racetrack, indicates that Nintendo will be just as competitive.

In Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which the Japanese gaming giant will release on October 16, gamers use their Switch consoles to run around and around their homes. The action places animated objects in real-world environments, in the style of Pokemon Go.

Here’s how it works: Holding your Switch, play what a normal Mario Kart game would look like if it weren’t for your sofa and dining table in the background. You will drive a real toy kart on a track that you draw at home. A camera attached to the kart transmits images to the screen of your Switch, allowing you to take control of Mario or Luigi as they collect mushrooms and drive on the circuits.

The game, which was introduced in a call by Zoom with a Nintendo representative, looks fun and challenging, with a solid selection of racing options and custom environments. Everything one could expect from a Mario Kart game is here, from the sound effects to the prominent presence of Lakitu, a friendly monster who sits on a cloud and officiates the race, occasionally using a fishing pole to rescue him from the cloud. danger.

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