Olympus Really Micro Four Thirds!

It is shockwave news. It is said that Sharp exhibited a micro Four Thirds camera with 8K resolution at the CES 2019 venue. To realize high density & pixels of about 33 million pixels with an aspect ratio part of 16: 9 with sensors of this size …. Even though it is now time for smartphones to have 40 million pixels, it is a shock.

According to YouTuber’s Kinotika interviewing in the field, this will be the world’s first 5,000 dollars (about 540,000 yen) 8K camera. Because of the prototype still design and controller layout will be brushed up in the future, there is a place similar to Blackmagic’s Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

As a spec, 8K 30p shooting is possible, and the codec is H.265. There is also a surprising scene of SD slot and 1 slot in the card slot. It seems to be UHS-II Class 3, so it is said that the writing speed is okay.

Rear touch screen is 5 inch and Bali angle specification. Miss you. I guess you can take a picture of yourself. It also seems to be equipped with sensor shift type camera shake correction function.

But what is it, Sharp? Oh no? Sharp is unhappy with the development of 8K television. In February 2018, along with Hon Hai, we are investing in RED, a high-end cine camera manufacturer.

And according to the Asahi newspaper report, Panasonic seems not to be active in the development of 8K television. This … There may be the rise of Sharp as a movie camera maker?