Ontario International Airport Continues to Double The Number of Passengers And Cargo

Ontario International Airport (ONT) recorded double-digit traffic volume for the second consecutive month, with passenger levels exceeding 10% and freight rates nearly 20% higher in February.

Passengers reached 353,883 in February, 10.2% higher than February 2017 when ONT welcomed 321,267 customers. Freight continued to grow at a nearly 20% rate with freight rates up 19.8%, while mail shipments rose 2.6% compared to the same month last year.

“The sustained year-on-year growth demonstrates not only our ability to handle a large number of customers and cargo but also our strong ability to provide the services and requirements demanded by passengers and the hassle-free experience they deserve , “said Mark Thorpe, chief executive of the Ontario International Airport Authority.

“That ONT continued to grow and had good results in February as we prepare to take on our next role as Southern California’s new gateway to Asia by the end of this month.”

China Airlines launched daily trans-ocean service between Taiwan and Ontario on March 25. After initially planning to service the route four days a week, China Airlines increased the flight frequency to seven days a week because customer demand exceeded expectations.

For January and February combined, passenger and freight volumes were higher by 10.4% and 20.7%, respectively, in the first two months of 2017.

Feb. 2018 Feb 2017% Change YTD 2018 YTD 2017% Change

Passenger traffic

Domestic 346,877 313,789 10.5% 709,112 639,661 10.9%
International 7,006 7,478 -6.3% 19,748 20,689 -4.5%
Total 353,883 321,267 10.2% 728,860 660,350 10.4%

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