The Energy Company Neste New Biorefinery in Rotterdam

The energy company Neste has chosen Rotterdam as the location for its new biorefinery. The company reports in a press release released today.

Neste investigated the location of the biorefinery between Rotterdam and Porvoo. Neste says it made the choice in the end because of the “significant” cost difference.

“Based on thorough studies and calculations, the total cost of the investment is significantly lower in Rotterdam. Our decision is based on ensuring our future competitiveness and implementing our growth strategy for renewable products, “says Peter Vanacker, President and CEO of Neste.

According to Neste, the cost difference is mainly affected by logistics and construction costs as well as the availability of low-carbon hydrogen.

Kauppalehti said at the beginning of March that according to various estimates, the construction of a biorefinery in Rotterdam would be up to EUR 500 million cheaper than the investment made in Kilpilahti, Porvoo.

The total value of the investment is approximately EUR 1.5 billion.

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