“Peaky Blinders” Actor Died of a Bad Medical Diagnosis

Last year he suffered cardiac arrest. Before, he had gone to a guard and they told him to return home because it was gastritis. Justice determined the causes in a recent investigation.

A British court ruled that the death of an actor from the renowned Peaky Blinders series, which occurred in 2020, occurred after he was given a bad medical diagnosis and sent home.

According to what the Daily Mail quoted, Toby Kirkup, who was 48 years old, had gone to the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary clinic on August 29 last year due to severe pain in his chest and tingling in his hands. At the health center they diagnosed him with gastritis and sent him back to his home.

As the hours went by, his health worsened and he suffered the fatal outcome: after suffering vomiting and inflammation in the stomach, the actor had a cardiac arrest and died. He was alone in his house. Kirkup had struggled with drug and alcohol addictions for years, a precedent that he may have had to do with what happened to him.

Although the autopsy indicated at the time that he had died of natural causes, the family requested that the coroner examine the body. His relatives also questioned the medical care he received. On September 30 there will be another hearing.

The actor played a police sergeant in Peaky Blinders. He also appeared in the landmark British channel ITV novel Emmerdale.

What is Peaky Blinders about
The acclaimed international series on the British network BBC will come to an end when the sixth season premieres. The new chapters began filming in early January and finished filming in May. According to the producers, the story “will continue in another way.”

This drama, winner of several BAFTA awards and starring the Irishman Cillian Murphy, will thus put an end to its story after obtaining record audience figures for the BBC with its fifth season and conquering millions of fans outside the United Kingdom thanks to its broadcast international via Netflix.