“Yulong Group” Naturally Falls to the Shoulders of Wife

Yulong CEO Yan Kaitai died today at the age of 54 from cancer. Considering that both children are still young, the responsibility of leading the Yulong Group naturally falls to the shoulders of Yan Kaitai’s wife, Yan Chenli.

Fortunately, the Yulong Group has already established and implemented a system of professional managerial management, and through the “five-person group” mechanism, at the height of the Group’s general management office, behind the supervision of the helm, paving the way for sustainable operation, in the post-Yan Kaitai period, Yulong The group will not have the succession crisis.

Yan Jia’s three-generation single biography does not face the problem of children’s competition for production and decentralization when many old companies alternate in generations, but they have the risk that the entire group’s machines are tied to one person.

In the past, Yan Kaitai paid considerable attention to his health. On the one hand, he did not want to worry about the elderly mother Wu Yiwen. On the other hand, he was very clear that he was tied to Yulong’s fate. He could not have any accidents.

However, cancer still ruthlessly let Yan Kaitai call the curtain from the stage of life in advance. Fortunately, he made a plan for the management of professional managers and the collective leadership of the five-member  for the group, and opened the road, sustainable development for Yulong Group.

Yan Chenlian, who took over the burden of the Yulong Group CEO, used to play the role of supporter behind the husband. Yan Chen Lilian is a director of many important enterprises of the Yulon Group. He has been involved in low-key operations. The mastery of the Group’s business is actually much higher than the imagination of the outside world.

Compared with Yan Kaitai’s straightforwardness, Yan Chen Lilian is more harmonious and more tolerant in dealing with people, and will fill in the place where Yan Kaitai is not well cared for. For example, she always greets and cares about the Yulong Group’s supervisors and their working partners. She is better than Yan Kaitai in “Human and” and is more able to “communicate” with this group of professional managers.

In fact, Yan Kaitai started his career as a manager of the group’s professional managers after he took over the position of chairman of Yulong in 2007. In 2009, Cheng Yulong managed the company and established the decision-making and management system of the group’s general management office. .

When he was interviewed, he said that when he first entered Yulong, he almost took the company as his home. Later, he only spent one hour a day to deal with Yulong’s business, because he had established a strong management team for Yulong. To make a good job in daily operations, he only needs to confirm the general direction behind the scenes through a five-person team.

The Yulong five-person team behind Yan Kaitai, in addition to the CEO, was taken over by Yan Chenlilian, and the other four were in charge of their duties. Among them, Lin Xinyi and Wei Weigong, the old ministers, supervised the group’s automobile and textile business, and Zhang Liang, who had financial background, continued. Play the role of group financial advisor and overall resource planning.

As for the deputy chief executive of Yulong Group, Chen Guorong, it was originally a good assistant in Yan Kaitai’s career. In recent years, Yulong’s major events, including Yulong’s corporate division, investment in Nazhijie, the establishment of the mainland, and the development of the new store Yulongcheng, have been seen. Get Chen Guorong’s figure in front of the scene to communicate and make suggestions.

Chen Guorong is in a good position and has a priority in Yulong. He has won the full trust of Yan Kaitai and has been promoted to be the deputy chief executive. He has a higher height and implements and implements Yan Kaitai’s will within the group.

Today, Yan Kaitai is unsuccessful, and the two unfinished careers in his life–the independent brand Nazhijie Automobile and the new store Yulongcheng development case will be directly on Chen Guorong’s shoulders. How to help his wife and Yulong Group to successfully pass through Yan Kaitai The test of the period once again tested the wisdom of Chen Guorong.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder