Peter Navarro: Clinton’s Gülen Links Might Only Add to Erdoğan’s Paranoia

hhhDonald Trump’s adviser on Turkey coup attampt has alleged Hillary Clinton for Fethullah Gülen links might only add to Erdogan’s paranoia. Peter Navarro, an economics professor and adviser to Trump has written an article for National Interest website saying that voters shoud care if Hillary Clinton really is being bankrolled by Gülenists

Here is Peter Navarro’s article for National Interest

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s global network of donors and allies has long been criticized by opponents as a sort-of “who’s who” list full of shady bankers, dictators, and backroom power brokers. Add alleged military coup backers to that list.No matter where you look, Bill and Hillary Clinton always seem to wind up at the center of a possible corruption scandal. The Clinton Foundation, as Peter Schweizer reported in the New York Times, was at the center of shady dealings between Russia and the Clintons. Bill Clinton received $500,000 from the politically connected Russian firm Renaissance Capital for a speech. Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, saw to it that a Russian bid, linked to the same firm and supported by Vladimir Putin, to acquire around twenty percent of the American stockpile of uranium was approved. This directly suborned American national foreign-policy interests to Moscow. Then there are the Clinton Foundation’s relations with the Gulf States. Once again, buckraking to the tune of over $85 million from the likes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman commanded precedence over all for the Clintons. Bill Clinton himself is buddies with the tyrannical ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, and entered into business arrangements with him. So much for Hillary Clinton’s pious avowals to be in the vanguard for women’s rights or child labourers. When it comes to turning a dollar, both Clinton have an elastic sense of morality. The Clinton Foundation isn’t tainted by such unethical dealings; it is suffused by them.

Now there is a new scandal that promises to be a doozy. It surrounds the alleged connection between the Clintons cccand the shadowy Islamist at the center of the July 15th failed military coup in Turkey—Fethullah Gülen.

According to a 2015 USA Today investigation, Gülen’s followers have been accused of “illegally financing congressional travel abroad” and providing “hundreds of thousands of dollars of improper campaign donations to congressional and presidential candidates.” Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton were linked to this Gülen web of illegal finance in the USA Today report.A Daily Caller investigation has taken the corruption accusations much further. It claims the Clintons have pocketed millions from Gülen’s disciples and that these funds have been deftly spread among Hillary’s presidential and senate campaigns, the Clinton Foundation and Global Initiative, speaking engagements, and “Hillary Clinton’s top lobbyist bundlers” like the Podesta Group—although there is insufficient sourcing in the article to independently confirm all of these allegations.

Just who is Fethullah Gülen and why should voters care if Hillary Clinton really is being bankrolled by Gülenists? Gülen is viewed within the world of Islam as a “messiah,” his goal in Turkey is an Iranian-style Islamic state, and his profile bears a striking resemblance to Ayatollah Khomeini, who ruthlessly engineered Iran’s Islamic revolution from bases in Iraq and France in the 1970s.

Gülen fled to the United States in the late 1990s after being accused of attempting an Islamic-style takeover of the Turkish government. Today, he lives in comfortable exile on a twenty-eight-acre compound in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. According to the New York Times, his “devotees have built a worldwide religious, social and nationalistic movement in his name,” and Gülen himself even claims to be a “pen pal” of Hillary Clinton.

If Gülen’s critics are to be believed, he poses both an internal “stealth or cultural jihad” threat to the United States and an external threat to democracy and stability in Turkey—which is why Hillary’s potential Gülenist financial connection is so alarming.