Pippa Middleton The Name of The Daughter is A Tribute to Aunt Kate her Majesty Elizabeth

The newborn baby was named Grace Elizabeth Jane. The second name contains a double homage: to Pippa’s sister Kate (at birth Catherine Elizabeth) and to her Majesty Elizabeth II. The third instead celebrates Jane Matthew, the mother of the new father bis
Pippa Middleton and James Matthews became bis parents on March 15th. After a boy, Arthur Michael William, born in 2018, came a girl named Grace Elizabeth Jane.

The reasons behind the choice of “Grace” are not known: perhaps it is simply a name loved by the new parents bis. The other two names, however, have very special meanings. The second is a tender homage to Aunt Kate, born Catherine Elizabeth. But Elizabeth is also the name of Queen Elizabeth II. And perhaps Pippa and James, with their choice, wanted to give a touch of royalty to the little girl who, unlike her royal cousins ​​George, Charlotte and Louis, has no royal title and not even a drop of blue blood.

The third name of the little girl, Jane, also contains a tribute: to Jane Matthews, James’s mother and Pippa’s mother-in-law.

Pippa’s pregnancy had been previewed by Page Six a few days before Christmas: “Both she and her husband are thrilled,” reported the site. “Fantastic news that thrilled the whole family in a complicated year”. Then very little was known (and seen) about Kate’s little sister, 37, and her ex-pilot husband, 45: both, in fact, are very jealous of their privacy. So much so that Pippa confirmed the birth of the girl on Instagram, which had already been announced by Hello!, With a simple photo in which only she appears.