Taiwan Stocks Fell 0.6% to Close at 16,215 Points

TSMC’s ex-dividend of 2.5 yuan today (17) affects the broad market index about 21.41 points. It is also the settlement day of the Taiwanese index; the weighted index opened at 16,312.98 points near the flat market. TSMC immediately oscillated and turned black after it opened at 612 yuan. The interest rate discount trend suppressed the performance of the broader market. In addition, the stock prices of UMC and MediaTek turned from red to black and financial stocks weakened. After the intraday volatility of the weighted index, the midday began to see a step-by-step pullback trend. The decline slightly converged, closing at 16,215.82 points, down 97.34 points or 0.6%, falling below the 5-day line, and trading volume was 311.225 billion yuan.

Affected by investors waiting for the results of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) monetary policy meeting, the Dow Jones Industrial Average pulled back from its historical high and ended its 7 consecutive trading days of gains. The Nasdaq Index’s gains converged, and the standard The Poole 500 Index also ended its record closing high for 3 consecutive trading days, while the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index closed higher. As for Asian stocks, the Nikkei 225 Index fell slightly by 0.02 as the market waited for the results of the US FOMC and Bank of Japan meetings. %, South Korean stocks opened lower and lowered, and the KOSPI index fell 0.64%.

The four major U.S. stock indexes have mixed gains and losses. Together with TSMC’s ex-dividend today, the broader market index opened lower; TSMC immediately oscillated after it opened at 612 yuan. Under selling pressure, the lowest intraday reached 602 yuan, and the end closed down 1.15. %, closing at 604 yuan, falling below the 5-day and 10-day lines; UMC and MediaTek’s stock prices turned black, falling 0.62% and 1.2% respectively; Fubon Gold and Cathay Pacific both fell by more than 1%; Formosa Plastics’ four treasures except Formosa Plastics Closed outside the flat plate, the rest closed in black. Hon Hai is cheering on the theme of electric vehicles. Its stock price has performed strongly recently. It once rose more than 4% in the intraday market, and still rose 2.44% in the end. Guangyu and other companies are also gaining momentum.

Observing the performance of various stocks on the disk, Biotech Medical rose 1.19%, Taifu-KY products are about to go on sale, and future operational growth is expected, which will encourage the stock price to hit the upper limit; the shipping group is favored by funds again, Yangming rose more than 4%, Taihua Investment Control, Four-dimensional Aviation, Evergreen, Huiyang-KY, etc. all received red. Oil, gas, and gas fell by 2.13% for today’s weaker stocks. Tourism stocks also pulled back after three consecutive days of gains. The stock index fell by 1.34%, and semiconductor and textile fiber stocks also fell by more than 1%.

In terms of the three major corporate trends, today’s total sales of the three major corporates exceeded 13.46 billion yuan; among them, self-employed sales exceeded 1.071 billion yuan, investment and trust purchases exceeded 543 million yuan, and foreign and land-capital sales exceeded 12.932 billion yuan.

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