PS CEO Talks About Game Skipping

Original title: PS CEO talks about game skipping: waiting a few days is better than rushing to work Source: 3DMGame

It is nothing new for video games to miss the original launch date and postpone the release, but in general, publishers are reluctant to postpone the release of their game masterpieces. Now, Sony may not be very resistant to the masterpiece bounce, “God of War: Ragnarok” and “GT Racing 7” have been postponed to 2022.

In a recent interview with the media, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan was asked how Sony as a company solves this problem. Ryan’s answer basically copied the statement of the industry legend Shigeru Miyamoto, saying that if necessary, Sony is willing to provide more development time for the game to make the game the best version possible, because such a product is “more expensive than a rush to launch.” “Not bad” products are more valuable.

Ryan said: “Waiting for a great game is better than rushing to make a good or pretty good game. Players will only remember the best game, not the good game. If it is the best game , Players will want to see the sequel, and also want to buy the sequel, but no one cares about the kind of game that is not bad. Of course, due to funding and product portfolio considerations, we will also put pressure on the studio, Let them finish a certain product within the specified time. But overall, we don’t want the game that is pretty good, we just want the best.”

Now, we can see that many publishers seem to be more willing to postpone the release of masterpieces than before, but you must know that game ticket skipping is not a guarantee of product quality improvement. Think about the two titles “Anthem” and “Cyberpunk 2077” A game that has skipped tickets several times. For developers and publishers, the most important thing is to balance the relationship between development time and quality.